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All you need is love.~
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Dev 16th B-Day by Ashie-Kins Dev 16th B-Day :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 1 0 The Century of Puppies by Ashie-Kins The Century of Puppies :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 9 5 Dressy Me~ by Ashie-Kins Dressy Me~ :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 12 22 Milk Break by Ashie-Kins Milk Break :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 17 8 Halloween Display by Ashie-Kins Halloween Display :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 3 2
Saving Grace Ch.2
It wasn't long before the pair of them was breathing in the fresh air the outside world had to offer as they stood on the street just outside of their home. To keep her from getting too weakened, Shadow brought along a bottle of water for each of them. Maria also wore a hat to help shield her from the sun's rays and her choice of clothing was something of light material and in the color of white. Though it was more of a precaution to help regulate her body heat that she dressed in something more appropriate for the coming autumn weather that would soon be upon them.
"Where should we go? We could always try gong to the park. Or maybe we could stop by and pay our friends a visit." Maria was just coming up with ideas for possible places to visit wasn't she? "I haven't seen them in a while so it'd be nice to visit them."
"So as long as we don't go left, I'm fine with just taking a walk around the block." Shadow replied, "This is just a walk, remember that. I don't want you wearing yourself
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Saving Grace Ch.1
"Hmm... it needs a little more blue..."
Colored pencils were spread out in disarray of the bed that the artist was resting quite comfortably in. Not the best way to keep track of one's art supplies, but most artist were known to be a little messy when creating their works of art. The girl was no exception, she had spent the better part of her day working on several small pieces of art. Her drawings may not have been very detailed or such, but to her it carried across the message she was trying to convey and that mattered most of all.
"Almost done...there!"
Maria smiled proudly at the work of art she had completed as well as the other drawings she had finished. This turned out to be a rather productive day, at least as far as her artwork was concerned. It bummed her out a little that she had to be pulled out of school once again, but at this point it was no longer nothing new to her. It came with the territory of being as ill as she was. Something she had to learn to live with from the
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My New Laptop by Ashie-Kins My New Laptop :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 3 12 SCREENCAP THIS NOW by Ashie-Kins SCREENCAP THIS NOW :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 1 7 Dev ID '10-'11 by Ashie-Kins Dev ID '10-'11 :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 87 28
Gift: Maiden of the Stars
Maiden of the Stars
Stars do twinkle, stars do shine.
Like little diamonds brightening the night sky.
Their beauty and elegance pale in the light.
Of the White Maiden who graces the earth.
Moving amongst mortals, yet leaving no traces.
Her wisdom and love guiding all from going astray
A heart full of kindness and devoid of hate.
With only the wish of a world in harmony.
Yet sadness lingers under the warmth.
For she cannot enjoy the simplest of mortal joys.
Tied to a force with invisible emerald strings.
Unable to be part of the world she guards.
Her story is legend, her power is regarded.
Able to give to others yet want little in return.
She sheds a bittersweet tear of happiness and pain.
For she is the Maiden of the Stars, and always shall be.
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Pallet of Colors by Ashie-Kins Pallet of Colors :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 0 3 ID for 2010 by Ashie-Kins ID for 2010 :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 46 8 Two Friends by Ashie-Kins Two Friends :iconashie-kins:Ashie-Kins 0 3
Profile Mem: Lexysha
Hi, welcome to the Org-Outcasts text-meme, where you get to say who your character is, instead of just drawing pictures - and relieve a big headache for us writers. Let's begin.
First things first - what's your Nobody's name? Do they have any aliases?
- My name is Lexysha. Otherwise I'm known as The Rune Vessel.
Okay, cool - what's their Element and how is it used?
I'm able to use telekinesis, a small form of psychic power, along with a limited form of teleportation. Usually, I'll use my abilities to attack enemies harder than what my weapon can do.
Sweet. What's their weapon? Has it got any kind of history?
It's called Rune Beam. Just a metal pole with four engraved symbols on it: Heartless Symbol, Nobody Symbol, Hearts, and Crowns. I don't know how it came about, but from Lulu told me, it was found with me when she found me.
How old is your Nobody - and how old do they seem to be?
I'm 17, but I don't age since I'm a Nobody. (Are Nobodies able to age at all? o.o)
What world do they co
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Trade: Family Ties
"Mother, are we almost done here?"
A little girl asked as she stood there with a bundle of wild flowers in her small arms. The child was standing within one of the more beautiful fields the forest had to offer. She watched her mother for a few moments, silence formed between the two since her question was asked. For a while her mother seemed too distracted with her current work to reply. The woman was hard at work gather the last few wild herbs that she could carry. Or at least enough that she deemed would last them for quite some time.
At last the older woman stood up from her kneeling position and wiped the sweat that had collected on her brow. "I believe we have enough medicinal herbs for now. Let’s head for home, Sayori."
The young girl smiled, relieved to hear that they were finally finished with their hard work. "Alright Mother." she replied. She watched as her mother began to leave the field for the forest and quickly joined her. Sayori followed after her mother closely, ha
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Tell Me a Story by Galaxynite Tell Me a Story :icongalaxynite:Galaxynite 231 46 142 by DarkCrowl 142 :icondarkcrowl:DarkCrowl 72 4 ~ Goodbye ~ Ver.2 + Speedpaint by DarkCrowl ~ Goodbye ~ Ver.2 + Speedpaint :icondarkcrowl:DarkCrowl 18 1 commission 3 by ShadaleTheHedgehog commission 3 :iconshadalethehedgehog:ShadaleTheHedgehog 34 0 PC#27 by Ariieya PC#27 :iconariieya:Ariieya 17 0 Sonic and The Freedom Fighters by herms85 Sonic and The Freedom Fighters :iconherms85:herms85 601 42 A Peaceful City by Galaxynite A Peaceful City :icongalaxynite:Galaxynite 239 80 Commission 2 by ShadaleTheHedgehog Commission 2 :iconshadalethehedgehog:ShadaleTheHedgehog 39 4 SWAT Kittens by ShadOBabe SWAT Kittens :iconshadobabe:ShadOBabe 114 49 Gift .:Happy birthday, Galaxy:. by FinikArt Gift .:Happy birthday, Galaxy:. :iconfinikart:FinikArt 215 28 Commission 48 by AllforCartoons Commission 48 :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 17 8 .:All of them:. by FinikArt .:All of them:. :iconfinikart:FinikArt 525 78 Comm| Queen Blaze by Shyamiq Comm| Queen Blaze :iconshyamiq:Shyamiq 53 7 Forged in Fire by WaniRamirez Forged in Fire :iconwaniramirez:WaniRamirez 331 35 Com:. Up In Love by Glu10morgen Com:. Up In Love :iconglu10morgen:Glu10morgen 67 7


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I need points to help keep my subby going and to make some point commissions. I'd like to try and get art on a number of different things. Such as...

:bulletblue: Me and my friend's characters
:bulletblue: My AU canon characters
:bulletblue: Promo art/character art at Digital Dreams.

So please donate what you can ^^ I'll love you forever <3

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I hate to post this, but after getting notes and comments asking for points I have to address this. Let me make it clear, DO NOT beg me for points. Begging will only get you ignored by me -.-

Commissions/Requests I'm waiting on: :iconkissthethunder::iconsinbad-no-bouken::iconnanko-yuki-haruno::iconryuuonii::iconizumi-sen::icondarkcrowl:

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Onward Into 2017~*

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 6:54 PM

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Well people, as of today the Archie Sonic comcs are officially over. 290 issues of the main series, over 90 issues of Sonic Universe, and countless amounts of spin offs, specials, and crossovers. Over 20 years of storylines, wonderful chatacters, and rich storybuilding coming to an end. Such sadness...

But that hardly means much when you're involved in a dedicated fambase. Fans will continue to write stories to continue building with a template left behind by talented writers. If not, branch out to new territory and go from there. Fan artist will continue to draw and paint pictures of how these stories will carry on and eventually end. As for the fan voice actors? Myself, my lovely boyfriend, and many of our friends will continue to try and bring these comics to life with our best efforts and tools of our trade, dubbing and creating comic dubs.

So this is far from over. From the officials who we wait on baited breath for what's yet to come for Sonic, to the fans who will continue to carry on the legacy of the Archie Sonic comics series. Thanks for the countless years, they were wonderful ans this is only the beginning of something new.
So we got news of the new updates for Sonic Forces. We got some new gameplay and the bonus of the big custon characterization. So what do I think? Will I make an OC for the game?

:shrugs: Not really. I'm very meh about it. I just wanna enjoy playing the game as is, not for just making an OC for the game. What do you guys think?


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