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Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Dub Spotlight~*

This is where I showcase comic dramas that either I have taken part in, or deserve some much needed attention and praise~ ^^


With the newest arc in Sonic Universe having only recently started as of December of last year, it's no surprise people are already getting invested in it. Especially since the story is now centered around everyone's favorite AI program, Nicole~

With issue 71 ending up such a huge success. It was only a matter of time before the next issue would undergo the same treatment. As such, after a long month of hard work (and a few snags here and there) issue 72 was finally finished and released~

Once again, Donniegirl12 did an amazing job bringing the issue to life with such great music choices, her impeccable editing skills, and the combined talents of the voice acting team bringing the characters to life. I always look forward to hearing each and everyone's performances in each issue.

Now with 72 finished, we have issue 73 to look forward to. I have high hopes of my own talents as voicing Nicole for this remain strong. I'm determined to keep giving my all into each of my performances, so long as people continue to show interest in watching the story unfold.


Ashie-Kins has started a donation pool!
1,414 / 1,200

I need points to help keep my subby going and to make some point commissions. I'd like to try and get art on a number of different things. Such as...

:bulletblue: Me and my friend's characters
:bulletblue: My AU canon characters
:bulletblue: Promo art/character art at Digital Dreams.

So please donate what you can ^^ I'll love you forever <3

don't ask points stamp by Mythical-Human
I hate to post this, but after getting notes and comments asking for points I have to address this. Let me make it clear, DO NOT beg me for points. Begging will only get you ignored by me -.-

Commissions/Requests I'm waiting on: :iconjin-kenshin::iconalliizoo::iconsilverlover9::iconagentskull::iconturtiedroppings::iconrin---rin::iconbubbahpop::iconnightangeltdc::iconkokonutcookies::iconmaidenofthebells:

People I wanna commission: :iconv1ciouzmizzazn::iconturtiedroppings::iconroksanath::iconiris-icecry::icondeerzii::iconmute-massacre::icon13voin::iconsonnyaws::iconbrivee-chan::iconbluecy::iconcursemarker::iconkarneva::iconaidmoon::iconalizredeem::iconpichu-chan::iconleatherruffian::iconkaya-snapdragon::iconcriis-chan::iconkokonutcookies::iconignitetheblaize::iconnamrii::iconlizziedoll::iconcrystalhedgie::iconbloodlinev::iconmoremindmel0dy::iconann-chovi::iconronellthehedgehog::iconjasperoura::iconswag-daddy:::iconxarazura::iconmikoto-chan::iconrozmarythecat::iconistar-zodiac::iconsarahviolin::icongeexy-thingie::iconcindacry::iconmayomiccz::iconbajecznamirra::iconshide-dy::iconhellgab::iconpinkeyapple::iconmikuhime::iconamai--kiss::iconfairygb::icongonza09::iconkoda-soda::iconsomnusnemoriis::iconthedarkshadow123::iconnarichan27::iconheartbreaker19::iconawesomeblossompossum::iconthestoneycoyote::iconamemusashi::iconvichan91312::iconkarckade::iconnanashi-no::iconprisma-neko::iconblackvapours::iconcnwsonikkufan::iconsilvermoonlight448::iconpinkeyapple::iconbelen-1999::iconscandinavianmonkey::icondawnvalentine101::iconcofl-fee::iconbloomth::iconseiani::iconragecndy::iconmewmartina::iconbrivee-chan::iconannria2002::iconphoenixsalover::iconyelowfox::iconmayasacha::iconflashntails::iconlilychaos::iconstarrynight-skye::iconshirostar::iconrorita-sakura::iconyoimura::iconsmilyhellgirl::icondeerzii::iconjaazzyx::iconreina-wolf::iconsancosity::iconcylent-nite::iconyoimura::iconluna-sapphira-wings::iconthestoneycoyote::iconcheroy::iconipun::iconmelodysta::iconnabbiekitty::iconawesomeblossompossum::iconkimmi-sutt::iconz-n-k::iconlightbell::iconmangostaa::iconhikaridono08::iconsapphirespirit::iconignitetheblaize::iconextra-fenix::icondream-beam::iconlisonok54::iconspellboundmasquerade::iconneon-sketches::icongrowinglight::iconmikoto-chan::iconkamira-exe::iconpenny-pokerface::iconitsnijitime::iconunknownspy::iconnightsaber::iconsarahostervig::iconjasminth::iconleilabc::iconnavdis::icondahlovesyou::iconastariku::iconarilorenhedgehog::iconharmoniusg::iconklaudy-na::iconcloud-shaper::iconcheroy::iconkailitawhite::icondi-dash::iconorangestarzone::iconmidorigirl36::iconkatvizik::iconevergen::iconartheyna::icondaisken::iconuchikun::icondahlovesyou::icondebsie911::iconzeldaprincessgirl100::iconrednblackdevil::iconlegendwaker::iconpandalana::icondenny-art13::iconryokosdetermination::iconfairyaurora::iconblue-dt::iconlittlewoodlouse:

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Springtime Taggage~*

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 12:03 PM

Yes, I know this isn't a proper update and its been well over two months since my last update. A lot has happened since the beginning of the year, but I plan to go into more detail in a proper SoundCloud update later.

For now, I've been tagged and I've been putting it off long enough. So here we go~ ^_^

I was tagged by :iconthehoot:

1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal.
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged if you want.
5.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
6.) No tag-backs.
7.) Can't say, no tags.
8.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.

TheHoot's Questions:

1. Dogs or Cats?

Dogs all the way~ I like cats and all, but there's a reason I own and care for my dog like I do.

2. Do you think people feel too entitled to their own opinions?

Some people are yes. It really all depends on just how opinionated they are and how the go about addressing those opinions. Some can be really smug and jerky about it and no one likes to deal with people who liketo shove their opinions down people's throats.
3. Do you have strange pets, if so, tell me what they are? (I personally have a Red Claw Crabs that I'm obsessed with.)

Sadly I do not. I only own a dog and take care of several more dogs and cats as part of a seasonal job~ Not exotic pets for me XD

4. If you had to kill your own food, would you eat meat?

Probably not. I don' think I could bring myself to kill for food. Well... maybe fishing but that'd likely be it.

5. Do you have any weird obsessions?
Umm...maybe? I don't really know how to answer that. O_o

6. Favorite video game?

Too many to name~ But I do love Pokemon X, Sonic Adventure 2, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Final Fantasy IX

7. Do you ship people in real life?

Yes 8D I ship TylerxBecca, ShaunxLiza, VincentxRJ, and some others~
8. Pokemon or Digimon?

DIGIMON~! Sorry, I love Pokemon and all, but I've always been a Digimon fan and always will be. X3

9. People or Netflix?

Iprefer dealing wih Netflix rather than people sometimes (except for my online friends~ They're special :3 )

10. Should Marijuana be legal?

Again, that all depends on certain matters. Personally it'd be easier to legalize it than for people to risk jail time just for smoking it.

And now for my questions~*

1. Have you ever felt like redesigning your FC/OC?
2. What's your current anime/manga/tv/game obession?
3. If you had 1 million dollars, what would you spend it on?
4. Got any plans for this summer?
5. If you could voice act, would you?
6. Have you ever gone to a anime con one on vacation with an online friend?
7. What currently stresses you out the most?
8. Do you have any headcanons based on your fav anime/games?
9. Will you bake me some cookies? X3
10. What are your overall plans for the future?

I tag:


  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Stand Up - Twill
  • Reading: Nothing~
  • Watching: Civil War Documentary
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Sobi Water


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Ashley Ellison
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~*Mini FAQ*~
(Working on it)

RP Imagine by ArtFreak99DA Stamp - I Roleplay 03 by tppgraphicsRoleplaying - stamp by Angi-ShyStamp - I Love to VA by caatLove Will Find A Way Stamp by SparkLumTAKEN stamp by TimelessReference

I need some custom outfits made for some OCs. Anyone offering any open outfits or custom adopts? 

2 deviants said Sorry, I don't know any ^^;
1 deviant said Nope~
No deviants said Yes! Here~ (Link here)

Character Spotlight

~*Mina 'Mongoose' Tabor*~
OC-Commission 91 by Mikoto-chanP.C Mina by Klaudy-naPillow~ by ChakotayDgryphon
~*Established AU Canon*~
:bulletpink: Is a former member of the Freedom Fighters. Having left the group and joined a gang known as the Kobura Clan
:bulletpink: Is the daughter of a Geisha (her mother Isabella/Izumi) and a Knight of Acorn (her father Arthur) and can both speak/sing in english and Draconian (japanese)
:bulletpink: Became the lead singing of the band called the Underground and met her best friend and eventual husband, Manic 'Hedgehog' Tabor

~*Charmy Bee*~
More Chibis by NomnomrokoPC: Charmy by KetrinDarkDragon
~*Established AU Canon*~
:bulletpink: Was born in the Golden Hive Colony, but isn't considered royalty.
:bulletpink: Was separated from his family after the colony was attacked by Robotnik, only to be found by Vector later on.
:bulletpink: Looks up to Vector as his surrogate big brother and the rest of the Chaotix as his family.

~*Liza the Chameleon*~
OC-Commission 56 by Mikoto-chanCommission - Liza the Chameleon by HarmoniusGR2M Liza by Return-to-Mobius
~*Established AU Canon*~
:bulletpink: Is a childhood friend of Espio and possibly harbors a crush on him
:bulletpink: Is an experienced medic and has often used her medical expertise to mend the wounds of the Chaotix
:bulletpink: Has mastered her camouflage abilities to the point where she can camouflage herself and one item or person at a time.

~*Lumina Flowlight*~
.Lumina. by Patti-KattiR: Silver TH and Lumina Flowlight by Kimmi-suTTRequest/ Work in Progress/ Silver and Lumina by MrEgaku
~*Established AU Canon*~
:bulletpink: Was left stranded on Mobius after being sent from her home world (Maginaryworld) as it became unstable.
:bulletpink: Has become close to her only friend on Mobius, Silver the Hedgehog who was also stranded there from his home (his own time)
:bulletpink: Because of her small size, she loves hiding in Silver's fur and is often seen hugging his ear.

My Closest Friends


I love you guys! Never forget that~ :hug:


May 22, 2015
11:01 pm
May 22, 2015
10:58 am
May 22, 2015
10:57 am
May 21, 2015
6:45 pm
May 21, 2015
11:37 am


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